Crane Scale accessoires

Remote control for crane scale with keyboard OLED display SD card Fernbedienung für Kranwaagen mit Tatatur OLED Display SD KARTE

DRC 433

Remote control with OLED display and a range up to 500 m
Wägedatenempfänger Funk Radio control weighing data receiver


Verifiable transmission of weighing data directly to your IT or Profinet network
weighing data receiver with radio control Display Printer Wägedatenempfänger mit Funk Display Drucker

Teledata USB

CE-M approved processing, storage and printing of weighing data
Wägedaten Übertragung Funk USB PC Anschluss Weighing data receiver radio control USB PC


Direct connection for weighing data to your PC
Wägedatenempfänger SPS Display data receiver Funk radio control

Telebox PLC USB

Small remote display with numerous interfaces, also in connection with PLC controls
Wiegedatenübertragung auf PC weighing data transmission on PC

Scale Control

Analysis and further processing of your weighing data on the PC, individually tailored to your needs.
Großanzeige Übertragung Funk Gewichtsanzeige Radio transmission Display weight

Large scale display

Visualization of weighing data on a large display
Infrarot Fernbedienung Handsender Reichweite 30m Infrared Remote Control 30m Distance

Infrared remote control

Remote control with a range of up to 30m