Tension load cell

These EHP load cells are used wherever tensile loads and forces have to be determined.

The high accuracy (0.03% of the nominal value), the high mechanical safety factor (5 times the nominal load, approved for transporting goods) and the stainless steel design make the load cell the ideal product for many applications.
  • Robust and industrial stainless steel design
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Rated loads: 0.5 t, 1 t, 2 t, 5 t, 10 t, 15 t, 20 t, 30 t, 50 t and 100 t
  • Accuracy: 0.03% of nominal value
  • 5:1 Mechanical safety ratio
  • Simple force transmission through 2 x mounting holes
  • Parallel connection of several load cells possible
  • Optional attachments available: shackles, A-links, hooks, etc
  • Weighing of suspended loads
  • Force measurement
  • Load monitoring
  • Measurement of rope tension
  • Process technology