Crane Scale LDN / LD

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The digital crane scales LDN (CE-M approved) and LD (calibrated) impress due to their easy operation and high reliability. Simply hook in and weigh: no time-consuming commissioning is required!

The large LED display is always easy to read, even from greater distances. The remote control of the hanging scale has a range of up to 30m and is easy to handle with its large buttons even with gloves.

A ram protection (from the LD1 model included) reliably preserves the industral scale against unintentional damage even during hard operational use. All models are extendable with numerous accessories, even retrospectively.

All EHP crane scales have a mechanical safety factor of 5:1 - this means that our scales carry five times their nominal load without breakage of tensile stressed components. Compared to almost all competitive products, our crane scales are not only certified for weighing. Due to their high safety standards, EHP crane scales can also be used to transport goods.(according to EN 13155).​
  • 3 years warranty on accuracy and function of the load cell
  • Prompt ad result
  • Automatic shutdown function
  • No tara limit - can be tarred over the entire weighing range
  • Protection class IP 54
  • Highest measuring accuracy of 0.03% of total weight
  • 45mm LED display
  • Ram protection included (from LDN1 | LD1)
  • Remote control and charger included
  • Mechanical safety factor of 5:1 of nominal load
  • Approved hoist assemblies and chain components
  • Optional crane scale accessories available such as weighing data transfer units or large display
  • Calibration certificate or adjustment documentation available
  • For industrial conditions at temperatures from - 30 to + 80 ° C
  • Incoming / outgoing goods inspection
  • Internal weighing
  • In steel trade companies and wherever goods are sold by weight