Crane Scale ATEX

Crane scale LD ATEX from EHP weighing technology
The special ATEX crane scale for use in explosion-proof areas is characterized by its hermetically encapsulated housing.
The ATEX crane scale fulfills all approvals:
• ATEX Zone 1 II 2G Ex db IIB T6G
• PTB 06 ATEX 1023 U
• IECEx PTB 07.0027U
The robust design and the surrounding stainless steel housing reliably protect the measuring technology of this industrial scale, even in harsh working environments.
Despite the high safety requirements, the operation of the crane scales is
simple: just hook in and weigh: no time-consuming setup is required! The
illuminated digital display on the hanging scale is always easy to read, even
from larger distances.
If the ATEX crane scale is not in use, the optionally available storage
trolley ensures easy and convenient storage and facilitates handling.
All EHP crane scales have a mechanical safety factor of 5:1 - which means that our scales can carry five times the nominal load without tensile components breaking. Compared to almost all competitor products, our crane scales are not only certified for weighing. Due to their high safety standards, EHP crane scales can also be used for goods transport (according to EN 13155).
Typ ATEX Wägebereich Eigengewicht  Ablesbarkeit d
Crane scale 500 kg ATEX 0,5 0 - 500 kg 29 kg 0,1 kg
Crane scale 1t ATEX 1 0 - 1.000 kg 31 kg 0,2 kg
Crane scale 2t ATEX 2 0 - 2.000 kg 31 kg 0,5 kg
Crane scale 5t ATEX 5 0 - 5.000 kg 37 kg 1,0 kg
Crane scale 10t ATEX 10 0 - 10.000 kg 54 kg 2,0 kg
Crane scale 20t ATEX 20 0 - 20.000 kg 67 kg 5,0 kg
Crane scale 30t ATEX 30 0 - 30.000 kg 113 kg 10,0 kg
Crane scale 50t ATEX 50 0 - 50.000 kg 200 kg 10,0 kg
  • Highest measuring accuracy of 0.03% of the total weight
  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • 3-year warranty on accuracy and function of the load cell
  • Prompt ad result
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Chemical industry
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Refineries
  • Oil industry
  • Color industry