From handy and mobile solutions to 200 tons crane scales, EHP has developed solutions for a wide range of requirements.

We would be pleased to advise you personally on the correct selection of your EHP weighing system.

All EHP crane scales have a mechanical safety factor of 5:1 - this means that our scales can carry five times their maximum load without breaking components subjected to tensile stress.

Compared to almost all competitor products, our crane scales are not only certified for weighing due to their high safety standard, but may also be used for transporting goods. We prove our high quality standards with a 3-year guarantee on accuracy and function of the measuring system!

Crane Scales

Crane Scale LDN (CE-M approved) and LD (calibrated) from EHP Weighing technology

Crane Scale LDN / LD

Crane scale for the industrial use
(CE-M approved/calibrated)
Crane scale LKe (CE-M approved) and LK (calibrated) from EHP weighing technology

Crane Scale LKe / LK

Crane scale for the robust industrial use
(CE-M approved/calibrated)
Crane scale KGW from EHP weighing technology

Crane Scale KGW

Crane scale for extreme foundry applications: shock-resistant and heat-resistant (calibrated)
Crane scale KGY from EHP weighing technology

Crane Scale KGY

Crane scale for long-term industrial use
(CE-M approved)
Crane scale LD ATEX from EHP weighing technology

Crane Scale ATEX

Crane scale for use in hazardous areas (calibrated)
Unterflasche mit integrierter Wiegeeinheit

Weighing hook block

The integrated weighing solution on the crane without loss of lifting height
Verbundwaage mit zwei KGW-Kranwaagen

Master-Slave scales

Crane scales for long material weighing
Crane scale special solution from EHP weighing technology

Special solutions

Crane scale for special conditions, individually adapted to your needs

Dynamometer CS

For practical and mobile use (calibrated)

Load Link ZL

For rope tension and tensile force measurements
Depending on the specific purpose, we offer our systems in CE-M approved or calibrated version.
CE-M approved = For crane scales in commercial use, where product price is directly linked with its weight (approved by the Calibration Office of weights and measures).
Calibrated = Weighing values and accuracy approved by EHP experts.

Crane Scale Accessories

DRC 433

Remote control with OLED display and a range up to 500 m


Verifiable transmission of weighing data directly to your IT or Profinet network

Teledata USB

CE-M approved processing, storage and printing of weighing data


Direct connection for weighing data to your PC
Wägedatenempfänger SPS Display data receiver Funk radio control

Telebox PLC USB

Small remote display with numerous interfaces, also in connection with PLC controls

Scale Control

Analysis and further processing of your weighing data on the PC, individually tailored to your needs.

Large scale display

Visualization of weighing data on a large display

Infrared remote control

Remote control with a range of up to 30m

Load cells

Mobile Stempelwaage von EHP Wägetechnik

Mobile scale MSW

Mobile scale for heavy duty weighing

Compression load cell

Flat, precise and robust load cells

Tension load cell

Robust, high-precision load cells - ideal for tensile load measurements

Weighing moduls

Compact weighing modul for immediate use

Weighing terminal WT2

Universal evaluation electronics for load cells