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With more than 24,000 crane scales in use worldwide, EHP is the market leaders in terms of quality and product longevity.

Our products are used wherever goods are transported, handled and weighed by crane.

As an OEM solution, we also offer high-precision and compact bending ring load cells, also for large-scale weighing up to 600t.

Our technical innovations paired with decades of industry experience always offer you the solution that enables safe and efficient weighing and increases your productivity!
EHP weighing technology crane scale LD KGY and load cell

ABOUT US | Made in Germany since 1979.

Founded 40 years ago, EHP weighing technology is today one of the world's leading suppliers of systems for weighing tasks. Our focus is "weighing on the crane" without complex intervention in the crane technology.
EHP - more than 40 years leader in weighing technology

A decisive success factor is certainly the fact that we not only offer a standardized product portfolio, but also develop the optimum solution for special customer challenges.

One of the most important fields of application for our products is:
Further application fields for our crane scales:
  • Chemical sector
  • Plastics, paper and textile industry
  • Space technology
  • Cleanroom environments
  • Explosion-proof areas (according to ATEX / IECEX law)
  • and much more
We are a proud partner of many well-known companies. We accompany major projects such as Airbus production, ship weighing, satellite start-ups or the production of the world's largest church bell.


Our high-quality crane scales and load cells are among the most accurate and durable in their respective market segments.

This high quality standard is one of the main reasons why more than 24,000 EHP crane scales are now in use worldwide.

In combination with our software and data transmission units, we offer an unbeatable overall solution in weighing technology to optimize your weighing process - regardless of your individual requirements for your crane scale or load cell.

Service | You can Count on us.

We want to be a reliable partner throughout the entire service life of your scale. You benefit enormously from our decades of experience.
Rental crane scales from EHP weighing technology

Rental equipment
Maintenance & safety inspection of crane scales

Maintenance & safety inspection
Adjustment and calibration of your crane scale also of all third-party suppliers

Adjustments and calibrations, also from other manufacturers
Weighing technology advice, also available on site

Expert advice, also available on site
Heavy load weighing and center of gravity determination
Heavy duty weighing
(On-site weighing)
Crane scale repair and spare parts from EHP Weighing technology
Repairs & Spare Parts
Weighing technology hotline for crane scales and load cells



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Many companies rely for years on the experience and know-how of EHP.