Weighing hook block

Unterflasche mit integrierter Wiegeeinheit
Our weighing hook block has the same advantages as all EHP crane scales:
  • Highest precision - with a minimum tolerance of only 0.03% the weighing result is always exact
  • Transport & Weighing - all EHP weighing hook blocks are certified and approved according to EN 13155 also for the transport of goods
  • Absolutely safe - due to the safety factor of 5:1, our weighing hook blocks can carry five times their maximum load without breaking tensile components
  • Technical advantage - equipped as standard with a large, illuminated display and a remote control, wireless data transfer over a distance of 500m to crane scale accessories possible, fast display result
Due to the compact design, the loss of lifting height on the crane is zero when the hoist is reeved with 4-fall reeving! For 6, 8 or even 10-fall systems this loss is minimal. A real advantage on crane systems with limited lifting height!

It goes without saying that an EHP weighing hook block can also be retrofitted to existing wire rope hoists without any problems. Special designs or conversions of the hoist are not necessary.

Just contact us, we cover all weighing ranges from 0.5t to several hundred tons and can of course also realise other requirements such as special hook dimensions etc. at a reasonable price for you.

Crane scale model KGY 35t with rope pulleys

Crane scale model KGY 25t with heat protection and rope pulleys

Verified weighing system installed in hook block without loss of lifting height

25t weighing system with four pulleys