Special solutions

Crane scale special solution from EHP weighing technology
Often the given conditions in foundries, industrial halls, storage areas are very different and a crane scale standard solution does not match all needed requirements.

For instance if the total lifting height of the crane is limited, the crane scale must have the smallest possible installation space. If the goods to be weighed are very long or the weight balance is uneven, the hook and load suspension of the hanging scale must be adapted. In more than 40 years of experience, we have already helped numerous customers to significantly simplify their weighing process by developing and manufacturing special industrial scale solutions.
The advantages hereby are obvious: we give advise on your weighing problem
directly on site, discuss the exact requirements and produce the solution that
fits your weighing situation exactly.

Everything in an easy and quick way from one partner : EHP weighing technology!

All EHP crane scales have a mechanical safety factor of 5: 1 - this means that our scales carry five times your maximum load without breakage of stressed assemblies. Compared to almost all competitive products, our crane scales are not only certified for weighing due to their high safety standards, but can also be used to transport goods (according to EN 13155).

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An overview of various special solutions can be found under the tab "Areas of application"

CE-M approved weighing system integrated in hook block without losing crane lifting height 

Model KGW 30 with display protection and customer specific hook

Model KGY 35 with pulley

Model LD with heat protection

Model KGW-Y 150 with sliding bolts and double hook

Model LK for clean room weighing

WT2 used as wireless tabletop scale