Mobile scale MSW

Mobile Stempelwaage von EHP Wägetechnik
The mobile stamp scale MSW finally makes weighing heavy objects on the floor child's play. While weighing large and heavy objects such as ship engines, rotor blades or turbines was always a complex project in the past, it is now finally becoming simple.

With the mobile stamp scale MSW everything has been combined in one compact device: A large and illuminated front panel facilitates operation and the current weight value can always be read off precisely from a safe distance.

The integrated rechargeable battery eliminates the need to lay meter-long power and data cables, which often block important forklift traffic routes etc. during weighing in production halls. 

The large elastomer bearing securely holds the load to be weighed, absorbs shocks and transmits the force to the load cell via the integrated pendulum support. 

The load cell, also manufactured by EHP in Germany, is one of the most reliable on the market and has a tolerance of only 0.03% of the final value. This means that the measuring error at 50t is a maximum of 15kg!  

The orange protective housing is also well thought-out: This not only reliably protects the measuring unit from damage, but also serves as a lift-off protection for the elastomer bearing and is equipped with practical carrying recesses. Thus the MSW stamp scale can be safely transported by one person.

Optionally, our MSW stamp scales can also be equipped with radio control. Thus the measured values can be transmitted wirelessly over a distance of several hundred meters and the total weight of several scales can be displayed in sum on one of our carriage data receivers (LINK).  

Do you not want to do the heavy load weighing yourself? Our service team will be pleased to relieve you and carry out the heavy load weighing and shear point determination (LINK) on your premises. Just contact us!
  • 3 years warranty on accuracy and function of the load cell 
  • Fast standing advertisement result 
  • No tare limit - tareable over the entire weighing range
  • Protection class IP 54 
  • Highest measuring accuracy of 0.03% of final value 
  • 45mm high LED display
  • Includes remote control and charger
  • Optional expandable radio equipment - measurement data can be easily transmitted over several 100m
  • Optional calibration certificate available for MSW models
  • Including calibration certificate for MSWe models
  • For industrial application conditions at temperatures from - 30 to + 80 °C 
  • Incoming goods -/ outgoing goods control
  • Internal weighing 
  • Weighing before heavy load transports