Load Cells

Compression load cell | Biegering-Wägezelle | compression ring load cell | Zugwägezellen

Compression load cell

Flat, precise and robust load cells
Tension load cell | Zug-Wägezelle | EHP Wägetechnik | robust, high-precision and long living | robust, hochpräzise und langlebig

Tension load cell

Robust, high-precision load cells - ideal for tensile load measurements
Weighing moduls / installation kit for load cells | Wägemodul / Einbausatz für Wägezellen

Weighing moduls

Compact weighing modul for immediate use
OEM sensors Individual special solutions on customer request | OEM Sensoren individuelle Sonderlösungen auf Kundenwunsch

OEM sensors

Individual special solutions on customer request
Weighing terminal WT2 evaluation electronics | Wägeterminal WT2 Auswerteelektronik

Weighing terminal WT2

Universal evaluation electronics for load cells

EHP Load cells - compact and precise

A load cell is an electromechanical sensor for force or weight measurements and is used to construct weighing devices.

EHP load cells are extremely compact and highly precise which makes them incredibly versatile.

Typical fields of application in addition to crane scales are silo, container, road and vehicle scales as well as in special machine constructions.
Due to their compact design, only little space is required in the weighing construction. At the same time, our load cells offer an incredible accuracy and deviate a maximum of 0.03% from the maximum load.
This means, for example, that a 50,000 kg load cell at full load only has a maximum deviation of 15 kg. More accurate than all competing products!
With a nominal load of up to 100 tons per load cell, all imaginable weighing tasks can be realized.

Regardless if the force is applied to pressure or tension. EHP, as german load cell manufacturer, offers different types of load cells.  If required also as a complete weighing system directly. 

We are happy to advise you personally on the right choice of your EHP load cell!