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Overview of our products and services:

Crane Scales

Digital crane scales / load indicators in different weighing ranges between 0-200.000 kg for industrial use and for extreme rough applications in foundries (hostile environments), steel mills, valuable scrap yards, automotive industry, paper industry, car industry etc. or any other applications, where goods are operated by cranes. Crane scales are available as certified or non certified versions. We also manufacture crane scales in ATEX Version for use in explosion risked areas.

Cross beam scales and compound weighing systems for to weigh long materials belong as well to our product range. If you want to integrate a crane scale into an existing ( IT )system, we offer customized and special solutions. Weighing data transmissions by radio from a crane scale to different weighing data receiving units we offer as convenient solutions. Please see our website: www.ehp.de

Weighing data receiving units

Weighing datas can be send wirelessly within a radius of 100 m or 500 m by radio to receiving units such as Large Display, Teledata USB, Telebox SPS USB , Remote Controls DRC 433 .

Heavy duty weighing of objects up to 600 tons and Focal Point / Balance Point, determinations we offer as service or for to buy or rent.

Load Cells

Our load cells are characterized by high accuracy and very compact, flat design and can be used universal, even under extreme environmental conditions. Weighing ranges are available from 0-50.000 kg.


With our high accurate calibrated and DKD certified testing equipments, a own, separate calibration center we can offer any sorts of calibrations, as well DKD calibration of electronic scales also for machines from other manufacturers.

Maintenance / Service of crane scales are usually done by us, within 1-2 days. Crane scales can be as well rented from us.

We are a German company founded in 1974