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We will find the best solutions for your applications

Professional advice

  • More than 30 years experience from our side insures a high qualification.
  • For exceptional weighing tasks we offer special solutions, even outside the previous mentioned weighing ranges


  • In-house calibration center for first and recalibrations in our factory of supplied equipment
  • Calibration certificates for all crane scales possible, even for other brands
  • Calibration of electronic scales / crane scales
  • Specialized, highly accurate (calibrated / DKD certified) testing equipment

Maintenance and Service

  • Implementation of safety checks (BGV, VBG 9a)
  • Continuous spare parts stocks
  • We carry out repairs within 1-3 days

Loan units

for occasional weighing tasks, we also offer loan units.

"On-site weighing" (Heavy load weighing up to 600.000 kg)

We offer up to a total load of 600.000 kg weighing of large objects, center of gravity determination, as a service.

Due to the extreme flat design of our load cells, parts such as machinery, silos, transformers, aggregate etc. need only to be lifted up for a couple of centimeters for to be weighted.

We assist you on site through our service team.