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Crane Scales

  • From good valued Digital-crane-scales (Mod. LD) for normal industrial applications till
    crane-scales for extreme robust and harsh environments (LK,KGW,KGY)
  • Crane scales for EX-approved zones (ATEX)
  • Calibrated Scales (LDN/LKe,KGY)
  • Special applications with double hook and weather protection for outside use

Cross beam scale type TWe

Electronic between built Travers scales for weighing long material

Compound Weighing Systems

We are currently developing a revolutionary new product for
industrial use.

Further information available on request.

Weighing Data Receiving Units

  • Weight data reception by radio within 500 m from scale
  • From small reception units with RS232 interface up to receiving units with alphanumeric keyboard and built-in printer (Greybox, Telebox, Teledata)
  • Large displays
  • Networking with up to 20 scales (Netscale)

Software Solutions

EHP Software - the right software for your weighing data

Load Cells

EHP BR Compression Ring Load Cells