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Type LK/LKe

EHP digital crane scale LK / LKe with ram protection

Robust construction for heavy industrial use.

Tension load cell made of high-grade steel. 7-segment LED digital display/update rate of 1 display per second (50 mm high). Maintenance-free, rechargeable 12 Volt accumulators.

OIML-approved version LKe: Commercial scale, accuracy class III, EEC OIML R 76 approved to 2,500 divisions.

Weighing capacities

500 kg

1.000 kg

2.000 kg

5.000 kg

10.000 kg

12.500 kg

20.000 kg

25.000 kg

30.000 kg

50.000 kg

100.000 kg


  • Highest accuracy of 0.03% rated capacity.
  • 3-year guarantee of accuracy and operation of the load cell.
  • German TÜV tested
  • Instantaneous display of results
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Scale housing protected against mechanical damage/ram protection
  • Optional/retrofit kits: Weighing Data Transmission by UHF radio to peripheral equipments.

Areas of application

  • Harsh industrial environments
  • Accurate check of weight of inward/outward goods
  • In-line weighing processes
  • In all known applications where goods are sold by weight.