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Type KGY

EHP OIML-approved digital crane scale KGY

This OIML-approved, electromechanical, digital crane scale is extremely robust and accurate, providing reliable economical operations. Accuracy is 0.03% of rated capacity.

On delivery ready for immediate use - hang on hook and start weighing. By using the infrared hand transmitter, you can set the scale to zero and carry out tare operations.

As an option, the weighing data can be transferred by radio link to various peripheral equipment/computer. The weighing capacities are between 0 - 100,000 kgs.

Weighing capacities

1.000 kg

2.000 kg

5.000 kg

10.000 kg

20.000 kg

30.000 kg

50.000 kg

70.000 kg

100.000 kg


  • Accuracy class III EEC OIML R 76 approved to 3,000 divisions.
  • German TÜV tested
  • Can be used on any crane/lifting device
  • Robust industrial electronics using the latest SMD technology
  • The approved load cell is high-quality, with long-term stability and made of stainless steel with a 3-year guarantee of accuracy.
  • Readability is ensured via large, 50 mm high LED display
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Optional/retrofit kits: Weighing Data Transmission by UHF radio to peripheral equipment (printer connection, works computer via serial interface RS 232 V 24)
  • Own calibration facilities, for further calibrations to attractive prices

Areas of application

  • Control of goods in/goods out
  • Dispatch weighing
  • Steel industry, weighing of rolled sheet metal and coils
  • Paper industry
  • Quality management system to ISO 9001
  • etc. ...