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Cross beam scale type TWe

Electronic between built Travers scales for weighing long materials

Cranes with load trusses were previously only be retrofitted with a large reconstruction effort with a weighing system.

EHP –cross beam scales are in the way designed so that an existing load bar can be reused.

Cross beam scales are mounted between the crane hook block and existing load bar - depending on the design of the pulley or the bottom block of a hook or individual recording capabilities can be realized. Depending on the existing structure of the system is the headroom loss extremely low.

EHP –cross beam  scales are equipped with compression ring load cells , which have a built-in overload protection, and 3- years  warranty. Aligning bearings with travel limitation ensure an always perfect decoupling at diagonal pulls or shocks.

A 50 mm high LED display installed at an angle of 30 degrees, permits reading of the weight values up to a distance of about 80 m.

EHP –cross beam  scales are equipped with remote control , reset , memory ability and all functions of a modern weighing system. As an option, allows a wireless weight data transmission by radio to a printer or PC a secure data documentation in certified design.

The use of rechargeable batteries as power supply with an operational period for more than 100 hours, replaces failure-prone and costly cable connections.

Weighing ranges:

  • 0 - 1.000 kg
  • 0 - 2.000 kg
  • 0 - 5.000 kg
  • 0 - 6.000 kg
  • 0 - 10.000 kg
  • 0 - 20.000 kg
  • 0 - 30.000 kg


  • head room loss
  • Customization
  • no external power required
  • Verifiable, PTB approved
  • Different weighing capacities up to 30.000 kg
  • compression ring load cells with built-in overload protection and 3-year warranty
  • Option: wireless data transmission by radio
  • Europeen Patent no. 0 525 220


  • An existing load bar can be used without design changes
  • Quick installation and crane downtime
  • Cost- effective and easy retrofitting on each cross beam crane possible
  • Accuracey: verifiable to 0,03 % up to 3000 divisions
  • At the customer site inspection, our technicians develop "individual" solutions for you